The IBD Support Foundation was founded in 2006 by Dr. Marci Reiss. Almost 10 years earlier, Dr. Reiss had been diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. When Dr. Reiss received the diagnosis, it was life altering, as it is for every patient. For fourteen years, she learned the challenges of life with illness; the unpredictability of symptoms, the pain, the hospitalizations, the medication side effects, the impact on every relationship. Determined to ease the suffering of fellow patients, Dr. Reiss established a unique foundation to provide comfort to patients, to minimize the isolation, to lessen the anxiety of life with disease.


Fourteen years after her initial diagnosis, it was discovered that Dr. Reiss had actually been misdiagnosed. Once all medical therapies were discontinued, she became well and was blessed with the gift of health, and became more determined than ever to help those still suffering.

Dr. Marci Reiss