Podcast: Gut Matters

We live in a chaotic world. Everyone has stress - whether it’s financial struggles, challenges with relationships or family, job insecurity, political unrest, our worlds seem to be getting more and more complicated.

When you’re living with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative together known as Inflammatory Bowel Disease or IBD, life carries with it a whole new set of challenges.

Gut Matters is more than a podcast. It’s a platform to create a community of thoughtful individuals who are striving to get the most out of life while navigating the world with IBD.

Dr. Marci Reiss looks at how our worlds impact our disease, how our disease impacts our worlds, and solutions for navigating the issues we face. We are going to hear from doctors and other healthcare professionals who have dedicated their lives to alleviating the suffering of IBD patients and together, we can use adversity as a catalyst for growth.

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Online Mental Health Services

IBDSF is proud to partner with SupportedPatientTM to provide online mental health support and psychosocial care to IBD patients and their families. To connect to these services, click HERE .



At IBDSF, we believe that patients, regardless of where they are in their journey, will do better with education and information.  IBDSF hosts videos and other educational material to help patients navigate life successfully. To view our educational videos and materials, click HERE.


Healthcare Professional Training

IBDSF provides IBDSF certification training to mental health professionals, physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and other healthcare providers. In this training, clinicians are taught the core competency in psychosocial assessment and intervention for IBD patients. To receive more information, click HERE.

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IBDSF also offers guidance to hospitals, healthcare systems and medical practices internationally on the implementation of quality psychosocial programs for chronic disease patients and their families. To receive more information, click HERE.